Some individuals on the neurodiversity spectrum are hypo-active and may suffer from inertia that is hard to overcome. Possible reasons:

– Introversion. Some people are just naturally introvert, peaceful and low-energy individuals who feel best when their body is more or less motionless so that they can focus on all the interesting thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas happening inside.

– Naturally passive. A naturally passive person may want to do things, but needs external activation or internal inspiration in order to get started.

I need to be strongly motivated by some special project or desire in order to get the energy to do anything. I can only do things on inspiration and am usually only inspired if I see a real need. Doing things for practice is almost impossible for me – especially repeatedly.

    – Ing, site author

    Social phobia. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown; not knowing how to go about things.

    I have always been clueless about how you do things ‘out in the real world’ and therefore usually avoid new situations if left to my own devices. But I need surprisingly little support, prompting and information to get over the initial confusion and fear of the unknown. Once I grasp how something is done, I have no problem proceeding on my own. It’s just that initial threshold I need help getting over.

    – Ing, site author

    – Being mentally overwhelmed. If a task seems too daunting, some get so overwhelmed by just thinking about it that they get completely blocked and unable to even get started. Probably not too uncommon among people in general, but I suspect some of us are more easily overwhelmed than others.

    – Apathy. E.g due to depression or being in a hopeless life situation. I think this is fairly common among Aspies.

    – Chronic Fatigue. Physical condition, e.g. infection, thyroid problem, allergy, nutritional deficiency, long-term lack of sleep, prolonged stress etc. Many sensitive people get exhausted even from the most minimal activity, sometimes from sensory overload or from the strain of being social.

    – Dyspraxia. Physical difficulty executing certain tasks.


    Inertia: From Theory to Praxis excellent article by Anna Sullivan.

    Autism Newsgroup Inertia thread short informative discussion about inertia.


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