While some Aspies are extra good at math, others have big difficulties with anything to do with numbers, calculations and mathematical concepts, now called Developmental Dyscalculia. It may have different causes in different people, e.g. sequencing or visual processing difficulties. May also occur in some who are artistic, visual learners and right-brain dominant.

“I definitely have dyscalculia. I have huge problems remembering numbers and have to dubble-check calculations several times to make sure I use the right numbers etc. A huge problem when I have to pay my bills and learn new number codes. I also have poor perception of what numbers mean when judging weight and measurements etc. But I have no difficulties understanding logic, quite the contrary.”

– ‘Mixpippi’, male Aspie from Sweden

“I am dyslexic… and have dyscalculia… still count on my fingers. Problems with reading clocks… to be sure of the time I need to hear it, so even though I wear a watch I still need to ask what time it is. Hate having to call someone, often need to dial the number several times before I get it right… same thing with writing down numbers.”

– Crixan, young woman with AS, Tourette, ADD, OCD, social phobia from Sweden

Can only add and divide, subtraction works with a calculator but division is just hopeless. I mix upp numbers and don’t see the right time and have a really poor sense of time. Or rather none at all. (…) Hated math in school because I just didn’t know how to do it. Same with chemistry and science. Got the numbers wrong. Really put my soul into it but wasn’t able to get it right no matter how much I worked with the subject. Got 5 out of 45 on every math test. Teacher never bothered helping me either.

– Glimma, Aspie from Sweden


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