Some on the neurodiversity spectrum have Developmental Dyspraxia, with poor fine- or gross motor skills, coordination difficulties, problems copying movements (e.g. in dancing or exercising) or catching a ball, lack of normal muscle tone, joints that are very stiff or overly flexible, balance & posture problems, odd gait, tendency to drop things, bump into things, trip or fall, general poor body control.

In a forum poll, about 50% of Aspies had motor problems in one form or another and the other 50% reported no such problems.

“My hands have little fine motor control, which makes handling small objects like needles rather difficult. There are other times when it just feels like my fingers are too big and don’t want to cooperate. I used to enjoy building models, but it got too difficult after a while so I had to give it up. Catching is hit and miss with me. If you throw a ball or something, odds are I won’t catch it.”

William, Aspie from USA

“Nothing much wrong with my ball-sense. I’ve played tennis since 1977. /…/Golf a little more sporadically./…/ Have hopelessly hypermobile joints. Have had my right shoulder dislocated 4 times due to hypermobile joints. It’s now operated. Often lose things due to holding them too lightly. Not to mention coordinating dance-steps! 🙂 Have done courses in both line dancing and jitterbugg with my wife. A historic dance couple! 🙂 My wife has been in dance competitions and I have two left feet. Her dance-style should be filmed… and mine X-rayed!”

‘ASterix’, male Aspie from Sweden

“Dance steps? I gave that up years ago and can’t even manage the coordination for regular workout like aerobics. I spill things, bump into things sometimes, tend to lean on something because I have some difficulty standing up without support.

“Team sports I’m lousy at but that’s probably more because I have difficulty judging other people’s intentions and don’t read them well enough. /…/ Baseball… *horror* /…/ I’ve tried to learn riding but had problems with balance even if I thought it was fun.

“But I was great at being a judge. Rule interpretation is my best sport.” 😉

Titti, Aspie from Sweden

I’m fairly clumsy motorically. Bump into furniture corners etc. at home. Find it hard to cut bread evenly. Something always happens, I’m a real clumsy Jane. But I can sew without problem, knit, crochet, make necklaces with tiny beads etc.

– ‘Lilla Gumman’, female Aspie from Sweden

“I find it hard to stay upright without thinking about it all the time.”

Emma, Aspie from Sweden

“I was clumsier when I was younger, now it’s not like one falls over when out walking exactly, and my ball sense I’ve improved by practice. Ping pong has done a lot there, but weight lifting only gives me muscle pain. Imitating others I’m lousy at and ball sports where one is in a team with more than 2 members I’ve never managed. Not that I’ve tried much. The football in school was not something I would chase so I was among the last to be chosen.”

‘Parvlon’, male Aspie from Sweden

“Buttoning buttons has always been difficult for me. Walking with a full glas, soup bowl wtc is difficult.”

– ‘Koboshi’, Aspie from Sweden

“I have problems with things like throwing and catching things. I was never able to handle a ball properly, so physical education in school was agony. Nowadays I avoid such activities, so I have no practical problems now other than spilling and splashing a bit when cooking.”

– ‘Perikles’, Aspie from Sweden

“Some of the problems I have:

* Cut food
* Sewing (and other detailed things, was poorest in clas at crafts)
* Sports (all types)

I’m very clumsy. I hate when dad wants me to help him cook. He stands there staring at me the whole time and points out everything I do wrong and then he tries to show me, but I keep getting it wrong. Never learn things like that.”

– ‘Peace’, Aspie from Sweden

“I am very clumsy, have poor balance and poor fine motor skills. Cannot do detailed things like sewing, make jewelery and have terrible handwriting.”

– ‘Error’, Aspie from Sweden

Dysgraphia is difficulty with handwriting specifically.

“Handwriting… There have been times when people seriously thought I was pulling their leg when they’ve seen my writing, and I’ve had questions about motoric difficulties by a teacher in school. I didn’t think I had (then) so then I was just told to shape up. That worked… not overly well. 🙂 Not at all, to be precise.”

Savanten Svante, male Aspie from Sweden


Dyspraxia Foundation List of symptoms


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