Poor sense of time

Those with an intuitive personality type and right brain hemisphere often have a very poor sense of time in general, and even more so when focusing on something.

It is also a typical effect of trance, dissociation, meditation, hyperfocus & creativity – the deeper the trance and the more intense the hyperfocus, the less one’s awareness of time and the faster time appears to fly by.

“Time in itself doesn’t mean anything to me. When I have to estimate how much time I have spend on doing some task, I don’t have any idea if I didn’t just marked the starting and finishing hour. I also don’t know how to take a break from work for example.”

Lida, Aspie from the Netherlands

“My sense of time is very different from most people I know. For the most part it affects me very little. By that I mean I do my own thing when I want to without worrying about the clock. The only time I really worry about the clock is if there is a specific program coming on that I want to watch or if I have an appointment.

”Now, I generally know what day it is, the main exceptions being if my usual routine is very disrupted somehow. I also know the month, but not always the exact date without looking at a calender. For the most part that doesn’t worry me, except as stated, if there is a program I want to watch or I have an appointment.

”That said, I am also very punctual. If I say I will be somewhere at a certain time, I will be there then and probably will be early on top of that. If I say I will call at a certain time I will, though again maybe a few minutes early. It really annoys me when people say they will be along or call at a certain time and don’t. I don’t like having to put my activities on hold to wait for them to finally show.”

William, Aspie from USA

“I certainly am not aware of what is going on around me when I become totally focused and emersed in what I am doing. When in this state it is rather painful for someone to drag me out of it – it’s like being asleep whilst been awake, sort of like a dream state and I’m enjoying the dream and don’t want to wake up :-)”

Julie, Aspie from England

I never wear a watch or care much what time it is, but somehow I am always punctual if I have an appointment. When in my hyperfocused state I become totally oblivious of time and space. The only thing that exists is that on which I am focusing. Nothing else; hardly even my normal self exists. I don’t have any personal feelings or thoughts at such a time. Hours and days may pass without me noticing. Once I come out of this state, I can be a social again. That may take anything from half a day to several weeks. In my week-long creative spells, my focus only gets deeper and deeper. Then, when I come out of it, it is almost like having been away on vacation and coming home all rejuvenated and ready to take care of all the mundane things that have been neglected while one was busy ‘elsewhere’.

Ing, site-author


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