A Directory for Asperger Syndrome a consumer’s guide to AS websites

Autism Spectrum Pages by Stan P

Asperger’s Syndrome – A Closer Look a mother’s wonderful description of her Aspie son, written with much humour and warmth

Asperger Syndrome and Girls” article by Tony Attwood

CatKit – Cognitive Affective Training cards for helping both kids and adults communicate their thoughts, emotions and experiences in a more effective way.

FAAAS – Families of Adults Affected by Asperger’s Syndrome

Tony Attwood’s site much useful info from a professional with an Aspie-friendly perspective

Martha Kate Downey mother and author of several insightful CD-books on ASD

Your Little Professor AS in children and teens

The Little Professors entertaining and informative guide to AS kids

O.A.S.I.S. Online Asperger Syndrome Information & Support



In My Mind great YouTube presentation of AS

The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow BBC Horizon documentary about Dr Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin – My experience with autism

Daniel Tammet – The Boy With The Incredible Brain

Stephem Wiltshire – The Human Camera


Asperger Square 8



The AQ-test (50 questions) Simon-Baron-Cohen’s AS test

Aspie-Quiz (170+ questions, may vary). NOTE: This is an AMATEUR test. High score does NOT mean you are autistic. You could be highly sensitive, ADD or just slightly geeky. It does NOT replace a professional evaluation.

The original quiz (no longer available) was a joint venture between myself and Leif Ekblad. I had found existing online tests to be frustratingly oversimplified and substandard and decided to make a new 100 question quiz (many inspired from other tests and checklists) that would both inform and give a general clue. Leif, who is an engineer and software designer, did the technical and statistical bits and hosted it on his website. First our cooperation went well. However, eventually Leif took over the Quiz completely and I have no influence over it whatsoever. He keeps making new versions, adding odd and irrelevant questions, and collecting the data attempting to prove his own “Neanderthal theory of autism”, rather than as the simple free quiz I intended it as. So use it at your own discrimination.


Autism News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net

Autism Research Centre

Autistics.Org Resources by and for persons on the autistic spectrum

Autism Angel Center some misconceptions about autism, beautifully explained from an inside perspective

A Place for All by Jasmine Lee O’Neill

Alternative Living Arrangements info about group homes and other alternatives

Cheeze-A-Phone cute site about autistic children

Division TEACCH

Donna Williams extensive site with her books, art, articles, blog, mailing lists and more

Jim Sinclair’s website an adult autistic’s perspective

Oops… Wrong Planet Syndrome Jypsy’s autism info site

Ray’s Autism Page another informative parent’s perspective

Whirled Peas a mother/grandmother with a different view on autism


Autism Diva

Random Reminiscing Ramblings

The Autism Crisis Michelle Dawson

This Way of Life another inside perspective on autism

Whose planet is it anyway?


Neurodiversity links page info and studies related to the ND Spectrum

DANDA UK good info page about Neurodiversity

Inspirational Quotes by people with learning disabilities or differences

A boy with a hole in his head Informational website about ACC (no corpus callosum)



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