MBTI & Neurodiversity

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a Jung-based temperament assessment questionnaire. Like other typology tools, it has its limitations but can still give a general idea.

Extraversion (E) (I) Introversion
Sensing (S) (N) Intuition
Thinking (T) (F) Feeling
Judging (J) (P) Perception

Correlation with AS, ADHD & HSP

I found it of particular interest in connection with neurodiversity and asked online groups of Asperger, ADHD and Highly Sensitive Persons, respectively, to do the tests and post their results. Naturally such a amateur assessments are even more unreliable as they are only self-estimations based on simplified web-tests, small samples, and no control group. Still, some very distinctive patterns emerged:

AS: INTJ (54), INTP (30), INFP (20), ISTJ (17), INFJ (10) of total 154

= Almost all Introvert, most Intuitive, and a majority Thinking (the Feeling group are probably HSP).

ADHD: INFP (61), ENFP (59), INTP (30), ENTP (30), INTJ (15) of total 233*

= Almost all Intuitive, 122 Introvert, and 111 Extrovert (the Introvert group are probably more ADD/HSP).

HSP: INFJ (42), INFP (10), ENFP (6), ENFJ (5), ISFJ (5) of total 77

= Almost all Feeling (empathic) type, most Intuitive, 65 Introvert, and only 12 Extrovert (which supports Elaine Aron’s assessment of the majority, about 70%, of HSPs as introvert).

The intuitive temperaments are the rarest among the general population, so it is perhaps no surprise that people displaying more unusual personality traits fall into this category.

* Most of the ADHD numbers come from Born to Explore, where it is pointed out that:

These results are NOT representative of the “real world” because certain types are grossly over-represented on the Internet and more likely to take temperament tests. If this were a “real world” test there would probably be a lot more of the action-oriented SP types (ESTP, ESFP, ISTP, ISFP): These types rarely get on the Internet and take temperament tests.

So, there may be more extroverts with ADHD, AS or HSP than these surveys indicate. And perhaps some too introvert to socialise even online.



  1. David Deley said,

    Has anyone ever explained why there is such a HUGE correlation between Asperer’s and the “Rational (NT)” personality type? 84% were either INTJ or INTP.

    Plus even the description of Asperger’s so overlaped the description of the “Rational (NT)” personality type in DSM-IV, that Asperger’s was removed altogether from the DSM-V.

    (Here “NT” means Myers-Briggs/David Keirsey “Rational” personality type, not “neurotypcial”.)

    The correlation is HUGE in every survey I see. Yet (AFAIK) no research group has really dived into this to explain it.

    • Annie said,

      I came to this page with this question but I see there is no answer developed here. I will monitor replies if anyone can expand on the ideas of “Neurodiverse (and/or?) INTJ”…the question I have being is neurosiversity an umbrella for intj or vice versa, do the two only overlap as seperate states? If so what areas and how is the relationship seen in the life of a person qualifying as both?

  2. Shiro said,

    Hi, I’m a aspie, a HSP and also have ADD (without hyperactivity). I consider myself a INTP in MBTI, but in Socionics I’m pretty sure I’m a IEI/INFp (Ni+Fe).
    This it makes me very confusing because the descriptions of Pi dominants types in MBTI (IxxJ) seems organized, inflexible, uncreative and does not think fast.
    The description of FJs being socially apt contradicts my condition of autistic, also. :/

  3. aubrenblog said,

    Web tests? Nearly everyone shows up as an INxx on web tests. In order for this study to be taken seriously, people nees to be tested with official (or commonly used) tests or have a few professionals decide what they are after talking to them and some other forms of tests.

    As an Asperger myself, I’ve noticed that most Autistic people are shadowing. It’s pretty hard to tell if they’re Introverts or Extroverts when everyone else around them shuts their opinions down.

    • Ing said,

      Of course.

      I never said it’s a study. It’s just an amateur calculation, based on web tests. I still thought the general tendency of this amateur calculation might be of interest, and something to base a real study on. (If anyone with the proper credentials wishes to do so, I’d love to know the results.)

  4. bongstar420 said,

    Hmm…it appears I am a significant out layer with respects to this data.
    I tend to test fairly strongly INTJ (very strongly NT), on occasion get INTP, and once got ISTJ….My paradox is that its highly likely I am
    ADHD given my pharmacological response to amphetamines, and it is also likely that I am the HSP type given I am apparently highly empathetic and far more socially/emotionally adept than I may appear.

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