Personal habits

Many people on the autistic and neurodiversity spectrum have odd habits, often for sensory or other reasons.



  1. alisson said,

    I dunno if anyone else does this…but sometimes when I’m bored,stresses,hyper,or even times where I’m watching a movie or stopped at a red light,I feel the want to either apply pressure to the top of my fingernails or to constantly clean under my nails (usuing other another nail on the same hand) and its odd to seems when I googled it,it said it might be a form of stemming.I wouldn’t be surprised since autism and chemical imbalence runs in my family.any thoughts or people with similar habits?

    • Ing said,

      It sounds like it could be a form of stimming (with an i) or compulsion, common in people who are hyperactive, restless or easily stressed. (I tend to go for the cuticles after I stopped biting my nails as a teen.)

      The pressure on the nails thing could actually be an instinctive way of calming your nerves, as the fingertips have a lot of nerve-endings that respond to pressure. Look up Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on the web and on YouTube and you’ll be able to do in an even more efficient way, e.g. by tapping the ‘karate chop point’ or the sides of your fingernails.

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