Exceptional sensitivity to sounds, vibrations, smells, tastes, textures, touch, temperature, wind, barometric pressure & humidity, certain colours, bright light, fluorescent light, flicker, clutter, movement, crowds, stress or pain, can be a sign of illness, imbalance, stress or sensory processing disorder, or a natural innate sensibility.

Highly Sensitive Person

Elaine Aron calls naturally supersensitive individuals Highly Sensitive Persons. According to Aron, this is a perfectly normal trait that is inherited in 15 to 20% of the population. HSP seems to be extra common among autistic & neurodiversity spectrum people, but you can be a HSP and have extra well-developed senses without being autistic, and not everyone on the spectrum is highly sensitive.

Naturally, being able to consciously perceive more than most people and unable to filter incoming impressions can be both painful, frustrating and debilitating in many situations.

“I have always, in the past, enjoyed good smells, but I’m finding that my sense of smell is a growing problem as I age. I’m getting more and more sensitive with it, to the point that I almost can’t take any smells at all. I can detect smells that no one else can… and believe me, it isn’t fun!! Even the smells of my own husband and children are often unbearable to me.” – Cathy, adult Aspie from USA

“I am very sensitive to quick temperature changes. For me it is horrible to first have a shower in lipid water and then dry oneself in room temperature, I freeze to death before I get my clothes on. My facial skin doesn’t seem to have the same protection against cold that others have. When I go out in freeze temperatures I feel like I’d like a thick robber’s hood with just holes for the eyes. My skin is sensitive to heat too, I don’t feel well when it’s warm, over 20 degrees Celcius in the summer, and in the winter not under zero Celcius. Autumn and spring are my seasons, in other words.” – ‘Flinta’, female Aspie from Sweden

“Certain textures cause my gag reflex to kick in. When I was little I would vomit when I touched these certain textures. Wool is one of those things. I still cannot touch these textures without dry heaving.” – Bonnie D., adult Highly Sensitive Person from USA

“I can even get bothered by some people who to me drink too loud. You can actually hear some people drink, they make so much noise when they swallow and they give me the shivers…” – Alfonzo, adult Aspie from Belgium

“I am extremely choosy about what I wear, and only wear things that are comfortable. Nothing can be too tight, or too loose, and I can’t have any thick seems. I have to cut out all the tags out too. Sleeping isn’t easy, as every wrinkle must be flattened, or I will wake up with bruises. I also need multiple heavy blankets to be comfortable.

“Then there is the sense of smell. I am like a bloodhound… I smell everything, and way too strongly. I can find things you wouldn’t believe, just by ‘sniffing’ it out. Unfortunately I am also very sensitive here, and live with headaches, nausea, and dizziness, caused by the scents I encounter. I too wish purfume would be outlawed. Especially since the people who wear it seem to think bathing in it is required.

“Lastly there is light. It is not a good thing, yet neither is dark. I like dusk to be exact. I bit dark, but not quite yet. Bright lights just make my eyes close, involuntarily. I don’t like the sun, I get heat stroke easily (though I don’t burn at all) and the brightness makes me dizzy and lightheaded.”

“I have problems when there is a major change in Barometric Pressure too. In fact, I often end up with a migraine. I wake up in pain, with no warning, except that I knew a storm was coming. My knees often ache on those days too. I have always had joint problems in general, with my knees being the worst.” – Tracy, adult HSP from USA

“I am very prone to motion sickness. Air travel is a real horror for me because I almost always get airsick.” – William, adult Aspie from USA

It can also be highly enjoyable or useful in other situations. Or both.

“I was just thinking about sensory issues and how sometimes they can be uncomfortable, certain noises, smells that just smell too much and the dislike of certain tactile stimulus; but then I thought about some of the positive advantages too.

“For example, I have a heightened sense of hearing and can hear low level noises that nobody else seems to hear. On many occasions I have been able to detect and find problematic areas before others have been aware of them. For instance, electrical and mechanical products, sounding slightly different from how they usually sound, which can give me advance warning that they are about to break down, or experience difficulties. I can hear things that have been left on from the low level hum and seek them out and switch them off, to save battery power (if they are battery operated).

“Also a heightened sense of smell, which my son has too. We both detected a gas leak that no-one else seemed to smell. I thought I was going nuts when no-one else could smell it, but it was fortunate that my son and I did, as there did turn out to be a leak.” – Julie, adult Aspie from England

“Yes, I’ve had similar experiences… knowing by the sound of something that it isn’t right…  hearing the toilet running downstairs when I’m upstairs… the sound the water makes when coming from the faucet gauges temperature (if I’m paying attention to it – which helps because I don’t feel the water temperature right away on my skin, there is a delay).  It also comes in handy when I’m not in the room with the kids, knowing by the sound of something 2 rooms away or from upstairs that they are into trouble, lol.

“Smells also very similar to what you’ve said, even something as simple as knowing the meat or milk is turning long before others can smell it.

“I’m also very sensitive to pressure changes, so I can tell when the weather is changing – actually can feel a weather front or low pressure system pass over me (I’ve tested this with weather maps and it is always correct).  When the low passes, my entire body feels like a weight has been lifted and I can move more freely, and the pressure in my head is released… it is very strange, like I can breathe freely again too.  A hurricane down in the Caribbean can have me in terrible pain (I’m in New York, but deep low pressure can be felt that far away – imagine the pain I was in this summer when there were several hurricanes about at the same time!), and as it moved closer the pain worsens.

“I can also usually tell when a window or door is opened or closed (in a well insulated building) just by the air pressure changes on my eardrums.  In a car it is very painful to close a window, and depending on who is with me I usually ask for them to warn me in advance if they will be closing a window.” – Wendi, adult Aspie from USA

Highly Sensitive People can be very creative, empathic, have extra good intuition and may also be good at picking up subtler impressions such as moods, vibes and inspiration.

“For me, the biggest advantage is how I can sense ‘vibes’ other people put out. I often know how others feel, before they say anything at all.”

“I find that [HSP/SID] has made me a more compassionate human being, as I hate pain and discomfort so much, I can’t bare to let anyone suffer anything I can help. With the fact that I can sense people’s feelings and emotions, due to this condition, I use it to do things for the people around me a lot. I like that I can do something most people I know cannot.” – Tracy, adult HSP from USA

Judging from their biographies, many of the world’s greatest artists, writers, poets, composers, inventors, philosophers and idealists seem to have been such supersensitive individuals. Like the inventor Nicola Tesla and author Marcel Proust just to mention two examples:

“The acute sensitivity which allowed Tesla to convert his mental constructs to hardware was not unaccompanied by a host of bothersome impressions, known to few other mortals.  In a biographical sketch written in 1919, he described his violent aversions to women’s earrings and his obsessive fascination for crystals and plane surfaces, his revulsion at touching the hair of another person, the fever simply looking at a peach would arouse, and the nausea brought on by merely glancing at small squares of paper floating in a liquid.” – Christopher Bird & Oliver Nichelson inGreat Scientist, Forgotten Genius

Besides being plagued by asthma and severe digestion problems, Marcel Proust had other sensitivities which made his life very difficult:

“The third problem is underpants. Proust needs to have these circling tight around the stomach before he has any chance of getting to sleep. They have to be fastened with a special pin.”

“Sensitive skin. He can’t use any soap, or cream, or cologne. He has to wash with finely woven moistened towels then pat himself dry with fresh linen. An average wash requires 20 towels, which Proust specifies must be taken to the only laundry that uses the right non-irritant powder. /../ He finds that older clothes are better for him than new ones, and develops deep attachment to old shoes and handkerchiefs.” – Alain de Botton inHow Proust can change your life

The Highly Sensitive Person Elaine Aron info and short online test

Highly Sensitive People online info by Thomas Eldridge

Super Sensitive Person extensive sensitivity test

Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities by Stephanie Tolan

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  1. Candace watt said,

    I am very sensitive to noises. Of all kinds. Just a person breathing can give me the chills and I almost want to gag. Or even when someone eats or drinks. I can hear things better than most and I have a hard time controlling the feelings I get. It’s frustrating and hard knowing in so intolerant..

    • Trisha said,

      I have a noise thing too. But mine is weird…. When I touch certain materials and feel them I hear it I guess is the best way to describe it. Sometimes its so unnerving it almost hurts. I like crocheting but in order for me to buy yarn I have to touch every type in the store to find one I can handle, same with clothing, Styrofoam is the worst!!!! But its only when I handle it. Smells ugh I can sniff a dead rat out before most people even notice… I tell my husband something died on the road way before we drive past it. I stay hot all the time too, in 20-40° weather I wear t-shirts but when its super hot I don’t mind it as much as most…. Do you ever feel this way too?

      • Trace said,

        I’m the same way down to about 40 I’ll wear a tshirt my uncle is the same way

    • maika said,

      Same here !! and i get very easily irratated by it .. did you find out the cause ?

  2. Brandy said,

    I can smell everything. My family think im crazy because they dont smell like me. I knew something was wrong. I also cant stand to have someone eating or drinking by me…i cant stand the noise. I get angry when they do. Can someone please tell me if there is anything to help me.

    • Martina said,

      This is the explanation of your problem and what might help you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperosmia

      Also, see the movie Perfume: STORY OF A MURDERER, or at least read the book, because it is fantastic. The main hero has the same problem like you do.

      • Blah said,

        I just had to thank you for the reply, Something similar happens to me very rarely when I try to sleep.

        My body temperature increases or I just feel odd, then both my hearing and sense of smell increase exponentially — like if I’m wearing deodorant it’s like I’m saturated, and I can hear people talking whilst they walk past my house. It’s like a nightmare.

        • Ashleigh Spratt said,

          Omg I have the exact same thing! It’s so hard to sleep at night because of it

  3. Corrie Hastie said,

    I seem to a very tactile person, I have and overwhelming urge (which I’ve learnt to suppress) to hug and touch friends, it feels at time almost too good, its frustrating that they can not seem to feel on the same level, its hard to explain..

  4. Martina said,

    I have huge problems with my extreme sensitivity to the LIGHT. Do not be mistaken, I love light as a phenomenon. But when there is too much of it, I start to have troubles. My eyes cannot take it, at best they are hurting, at worst I get something like seizures (without actually being epileptic). It is the worst especially in the moments when somebody uses flash on me, or when I see a flash – and it does not matter whether it was a natural effect (like a bolt lightning) or a some FX, manmade effect. And that is EXACTLY the reason why I cannot watch some action or comic book movies. It first occured to me during the screening of the fifth Harry Potter. I was sitting at the cinema, and at the end of the movie, where Harry and his friends use magic spells to fight Voldemort and his hunchmen, there were so many “milky”, glowing, blinding flashlights that I had to be rushed into a nearby hospital. It was positively the WORST experience of my life, when it comes to sensory problems. Or medical problems, so to speak. I could not even move and I thought I was dying. Not a pleasant experience.

    • El Mor said,

      You might not have major epilepsy but you should see someone who specializes in it just in case…

  5. Morning Light Dislike said,

    In the mornings i really like to have just the natural light coming in instead of indoor light. However, when i wake up it’s like between dark and light like before sunrise how things are like blue. Well when i get up i don’t like having bright light so i sometimes shut lights off that other people around me have turned on. They think that i’m messed up and im mental and i just want to know if im wrong or if they are wrong! It’s upsetting me that they don’t understand and they won’t even listen to why i don’t like light! I feel like i am all alone and a weirdo! Please tell me i’m wrong!

    • dawn said,

      my daughter does this. She nearly always says the light makes her eyes water. I like to have lights in the morning to help me wake up but often end up sitting in the dark because I recognize she has sensitive eyes the way I have sensitive nose and ears. It is frustrating some days though when it’s cloudy and she won’t let me have a light on. I mean I could have a light on but it would involve listening to her cry which is unbearable for me. besides, it’s one of those ‘pick your battles’ moments, why bother fighting about a light on, I’ll save the fight for denying sugar.

    • Shalyn said,

      I’m the same way! In the morning and in the evening, I hate having lights on while there’s still daylight. I find it very irritating.

  6. Erica said,

    I must be such an annoying person. I can’t stand heat – I’m always turning heaters off and I have my air conditioning on in the car all the time, even in winter. I can cope for a little while in a hot room, but then it’s like I reach a threshold and my face becomes red hot – then it will stay that way for a couple of hours. So of course I do all I can do avoid that. People don’t understand how much the heat affects me. I also have trouble with light – I always wear my sunglasses outside, even when raining sometimes. When eating out, I always position myself so I’m not looking into the light, or I get a headache. If someone turns a light on during the day, I feel physically sick – it must be the contrast between the blue of daylight and the yellow of artificial light. I’m also sensitive to noise – always telling the kids to turn the TV down. But I can handle noise when I’m in the right mood. The weather affects me as well. Overcast, still days are the worst – often migraine days. Sunny days cheer me up so much, but I rarely spend much time in the sun for fear I’ll get too hot. I am sensitive to smell, but that’s a good thing really, since I work in a Sensory role! I did have to remove an over-ripe banana from my sister’s dining table the other day – no-one else could even smell it. Touch is not such an issue, I’m always happy to hug my kids. But I don’t like people touching my hair. I’ve just started to research all my ‘symptoms’, in the hope that I can put a name to them and know that I’m not a crazy person 🙂

    • Chelle said,

      I’m not crazy then :D…I would bake banana muffins with mine just to get rid of them…..and stay away from my hair and my feet otherwise I’ll be wearing orange lmao!….btw I also have hyperfexablity too…great as a young one but messing with my hip right now…..Glad to have read your response Erica and Hope you doing ok

  7. Camille McEwan said,

    My eyes get so dry that my lids stick to them,drops, just disappear as soon as I put them in,even the jell ones.
    I always know when we have low pressure arriving , because my eyes get so dry and sore, which is very often as I live on the coast..the summer is usually much better for my eyes, the warmer and dryer the weather the better..this has only happened later in my life, but it is very uncomfortable, as I have to keep blinking.. I just wondered if anyone else has this problem, as I think my doctor doesn’t believe the weather is the problem..I have just worked it out myself.
    I have been tested for everything , when it’s really bad I find if I put a hot lavender bag across my eyes it really helps..just wondered if anyone else has this problem. I have say once the wet weather arrives it a lot better it’s just the change from high to low pressure..

    • Sue said,

      Camille, a lot of friends and I were discussing this last year–many of us are getting dry eyes as we get older. One suggested what her doctor told her, which is to wet a clean washcloth with warm water every morning or night and put it across your eyes for several minutes. At first you may find it makes a sort of film appear on your eyes–this is the waxes that as you age start building up in your lids instead of spreading on your eye surface throughout the day. It will go away after a few minutes of blinking normally. After a week or so of doing this, the film should stop appearing and sooner than that, you should have less irritation in your eyes.

  8. Bekki said,

    i never used to be like this, but lately, in the past 3 weeks, i have been gagging over a lot of things and i haven’t vomited in over 3 years. i have a bit of a cold at the moment, but that’s only been the past week and a half and usually when getting a cold this sort of thing does not occur. it happens when i pick up some things that the mere thought of me touching it makes me gag. it also happens with certain smells, ones that are bad are around. what could this possibly be?

  9. I can’t sleep with wrinkles under any part of my body,I awaken every night in such PAIN where ever I have a wrinkle mark..I can not wear anything to sleep in , due to the bunching up of the material…I have tried different fabrics to line my bed,,so far a thich blanket coverd with silk like sheets have worked the best..But still after 4 hours I hurt so bad, I have to get up for a short time before returning back to bed..The Pain is like a chainsaw has cut deep into those wrinkles, I actually cry some nights from the Pain… I also have a increased sense of smell,,mostly bad smells,yuck !!!! I am Blessed with Talents ( music,artwork,writeing & a Keen sense of high & low tones ) I’m sorry ,yet relieved to hear I am not alone people …I pray for you all ..

  10. Amanda said,

    In June of 2012 I started taking nasonex, for one month total time, I had a severe allergic reaction to it, horrible chest pains, unable to breathe, I couldn’t even sleep it was so bad, and on top of this I had a reaction to the medication, where I was in so much pain in my mouth, tongue teeth gums, I Couldn’t touch anything with my hands or feet without it effecting my mouth, also smelling things like soap, laundry detergent, any of that causes my mouth so much pain, I cant drink anything but water, and cant eat certain foods, I’m living a life of hell, it is a year later, and I have been able to mute somethings to help with the pain like fragrance free soap, only drinking water and only eating for the most part veggies and fruits nuts seeds etc. I get a pain almost like a throbbing anxiety pain in my lips gums teeth and hits the worse on my tongue almost like a feeling as if I burned the crap out of my tongue and a horrible dryness on top of it all day and it never ends!!! its like somehow this nasonex made me sensitive too irritants which i dont know if it confused the hell out of my body when it was helping for allergen, but whats funny is my doctor said to try it because i mentioned i had post nasal drip and headaches often, I wish i had my post nasal drip and headaches back! I need help im at the end of my rope! I want my life back! Has anyone gone thru anything like this with this extreme sensitivity in your hands feet and smell and taste? Please email me…

    • Sue said,

      Amanda, have you looked into treatments for dry mouth? Don’t know if the scents or flavors will affect you, but it might help the tongue pain. I use MedActive mouth spray in Natural Spring flavor, their mildest flavor. You might also ask your doc if you can be checked for Sjogren’s syndrome.

  11. chris said,

    My therapist believes me to be hypersensitive, lately it has been really hot out 85-90 and were before i used to be able to survive in the heat even 114. Now anything past 70 i get weak feeling and just out of it. I have anxiety also, but are anyone else with hypersensitivity unable to handle the heat?

    • Gloria said,

      I have the same problem. I don’t like to turn my oven on because I can’t take the heat.

      • El Mor said,

        I have GAD if anyone knows what that means! and I over heat in 72 or higher degree weather. Welcome to my world! You might want to go to a neurologist. Infact I did, and it turns out I have a certain case called displacement syndrome or something. I guess what ever it is means my left brain is weaker than my right side, I am “severly” right handed, and my reflexes are different on both sides. This for some reason, causes me to be extra sensitive to EVERYTHING, and it is common for people with this condition to have anxiety!

  12. tracy said,

    Some sensitivity issues can be the result of something called pyroluria. it is a deficiency of B6 and zinc. You can look it up and check the symptoms to see if it applies…

    • Julie P said,

      Sorry…didn’t know it would put that big image in my post. I don’t know how to get rid of it!

  13. jenifer smith said,

    Oh my word.I am Highly annoyed and bothered by sound (people eating, drinking, blowing their nose, burping,etc) light (always have a headache from lights, can’t relax unless there is minimal lighting, ) texture ( can’t even stand to look at certain things or have them nearby) smell ( I smell everyone’s breath, my dogs treats, and lots of other things no one else can smell) touch (I bruise very easy, don’t like to be hugged or touched unless I’ve had time to mentally prepare). I am always irritated because I feel like ppl are intentionally being super offensive. I know it’s not true, and I get annoyed at my own self daily, but I can’t escape me. Others I can, so most of my time is spent alone by choice. When my husband eats or drinks, he has to get on the other side of the room and put a pillow up so I can’t see his face. I feel very bad for him and wish I could be laid back like he is. However, my sensitivity has actually worked to my advantage many times in my life. I just wish I could turn it off sometimes. Like thanksgiving dinner with tons of ppl. A murderous rage comes over me when i can’t to anything too escape the sound.

  14. I have a super-sensitive skin and sense of smell.

    – Can only wear a handful type of clothes (leather, smooth silk, used cotton clothes)
    – super-sensitive to smells, specially pizza/cheese, fried food

    No skin specialists are able to help…

    any tips to fix?

    • Ing said,

      Sounds like you’re a Highly Sensitive Person and in that case it’s how you are wired.

      Sometimes the brushing protocol can help a little. See the page SID Therapy just under this page.

  15. Haroon said,

    my sense of smell is very high when i wakes up, and gradually it normalized. is it okay or do i need to see some doctor? please help!

    • Ing said,

      Haroon, I think it’s natural to be extra sensitive to light, sound, smell or touch right upon awakening, I often am.

      But I’m not a medical professional so I can’t tell you what to do.

  16. Jordan said,

    I’ve always had very sensitive hearing, as well as other senses, but recently I’ve noticed things that happen when I hear different frequencies. When I hear low tones like the bass in most music or even a truck passing my house, my eyes will start to water excessively. With higher frequencies, I will often need to cover my ears to prevent splitting headaches or an itching deep in my ear canal. I’ve consulted my doctor and he says it’s nothing to worry about, and I can’t find anything pertaining to this online. If anyone here knows what this is, please reply.

  17. Tita said,

    Im really overwhelmed my ears started hurting and my head and when i smell something strong i feel like vomiting, i have not had sex for over 2 years so I know im not pregnant i just want this feelings to go away what can I do?

    • The Sentinal said,

      Have sex

  18. I get irritated at crowded stores, dodging people and getting around them, and very annoyed at hearing somebody’s loud boom box noise from their car as it passes by, but I control my reaction and don’t say anything just ignore it.

  19. Renault regan said,

    I just read all my part of life said from a third person. I can smell super sensitivity and I can feel the emotions of others pretty quickly. The biggest problem is that I empathize with them and often saddens me.the biggest advantage is that just looking at bright sunlight or a beautiful tree or music just take me to another level. Believe me meditation are most effective for us. Though it has certain problems try to take the positive things and live beautifully.

  20. Nivya said,

    bad smells make me feel dizzy and to vomit..

  21. lynn said,

    everything i touch i taste is this sensory so if i wash my hands i taste the soap or smell still taste really bad last couple of days

  22. Erin said,

    Everyone on this post needs to try this. If there are any lies that you have told someone, tell them the truth no matter what you think will happen. Big or little, lies cause stress and stress causes you to be super sensitive. And withholding information is a form of lying too. And I am not just assuming this, I know this from experience. I am currently lying to my own family and it is weighing me down. I get aggravated, my skin gets super sensitive, like if there is a little tiny dog hair in my shirt I can feel it and it itches like crazy. My own hair makes my skin itch. When the people that I am lying to try to touch me I get aggravated. The person that I am lying to makes me so aggravated that I just want to kill them to relieve the stress. But it is not their fault, it is mine for continuing to lie to them.

  23. Daz said,

    For me its heat. With it being summer here, I just find it unbearable. Can’t stop sweating, literally. Feels I’ve lost a litre of water that way. Wishing it was half the temperature it is.

    Sound too can be a bugbear for me. Any loud nosies, especially unexpected ones drives me up the wall.

  24. Karina said,

    Everything I touch bothers me and makes me grind my teeth it’s highly uncomfortable and annoying . Another thing is I can’t live without lotion ! I feel like I suffer if my hands or my arm are dry ! Or when my fingers get tingly -.-. It also bothers me when I see people touching or rubbing on their pants or whatever their wearing ‘ i don’t know it bothers the crap out of me and makes me grind my teeth and bothers my hands so much ! I don’t know if is is normal or not but I’m sure this is what they call “Hypersensitive” .

  25. Kayla said,

    Some patterns and textures make me physically grossed out. For example, honeycomb, concentric circles, scales, and a few more I can’t remember at the moment. I shiver and have to look away. Anyone know why this is???

  26. zack wright said,

    have this problem when im asleep im 16 and when I go to bed ill be sleeping good and then suddenly I see a bright light and I start getting dizzy and i wake up i got to stand up and hold my eyes until it stops and i fall back asleep and a hour later it dose it again and i don’t know whats wrong ???

  27. nancy shaw said,

    my seven year old nephew is extremely sensitive to heat. when he takes a bath, the water has to be cold. when he eats, the food has to be refridgerated. he complains of being too hot if we turn the heater on, prefering the ac to run even in the winter. he is absolutely miserable in the summer, refuses to go outside if it is above 60 degrees F…

  28. Brittany said,

    I have been noticing lately that I can smell certain…people. Almost as if they have a sent. I was at school the other day and I got my dad’s….sent and it turns out he was filling out some paperwork in the school office on that very day. I don’t know what’s happening to me. It’s scaring me.

    • Vitsmouth said,

      I can smell so very many things others don’t notice. My husband has called me a bloodhound since I was pregnant with our son who is now 1. I work as a nurse and can smell blood sugar when it is high in a patient, when I check their finger stick glucose it was a reading of 250 or 280. I thought it was well into 500 if I could smell it….. I smell various odors in medications that “have no sent”, I can smell dents of people I know and on various parts of myself. The way my hands, chest, hair and clothes smell. It’s like I don’t go nose-blind. I keep things pretty clean for this as well. I can be a little OCD about cleaning but nothing excessive I feel. Smells I can’t stand: cat box ammonia, feet, milk, some of my kids diapers but not all bathroom involved things(have little problem at work)to name a few. I like odd smells others find distasteful, the smell of skunk while driving, gasoline at a gas station, fresh blacktop. I do have random nausea and headaches that sometimes are quite severe. Lately this has been worse so I am researching.

  29. I was searching for what I may have and I found hypersensitivity. My problem is with things that can easily be creased or leave finger prints behind such as paper, plastic and aluminium foil. Such things need to be fingerprint free, clean cut (instead of torn etc) with no creases otherwise it will trigger my gag reflexes even if it doesn’t come into contact with my skin. Such a result is impossible especially with aluminium foil and we live in a world where most jobs come into contact with paper on a regular basis. It’s awful and I want this problem to go away. I believe it’s hypersensitivity, I was lead to believe it was OCD until recently when it hit me on the head that it isn’t an obsession or a compulsion.

    • brad said,

      It is OCD.

      • Ellie Morrison said,

        Yeah it is OCD. If the mere presence of it bothers you (causes you to gag???) than it is likely OCD. Quick questions you might want to … do you wash your hands very often? How clean is your home/room? How do you react if something is a.) misplaced or b.) out of place? if you answered yes to the first, very clean to the second, or possibly freak out, try to find the misplaced item, or fix the out of place item, you might want to go to a doctor. OCD if left untreated can become a serious issue and my severely limit you in daily life.

  30. David said,

    I am extra sensitive . i can tell when someone is mad at me before they have any contact with me(eye contact, speaking, etc) .

  31. Larky said,

    Thus far I haven’t seen anyone else who shares my hypersensitivity. Mine mostly resides in sight, I suppose. I can’t stand certain colors like deep florescent greens, blues, or purples, having to look away when I see them. Combinations of these colors drive me crazy. If I read or see anything about wrists or eyes, I’m suddenly uncomfortably aware of my own; my wrists bother me a lot when this happens, or I’ll have to shut or cover my eyes. It’s honestly difficult for me to explain, so people I tell consider me weird or simply don’t believe me.

    • Naomi said,

      I know I am replying to your post 1 year after, but I can relate to an intense colour sensitivity. Depending on my stress levels, my sensitivity to this increases accordingly. I am distracted to overwhelmed by fluros, reds, bright blues especially. I also have difficulty with loud noise, conflict, repetitive even low noises like tapping. I am even somewhat distracted as I type by the clicking of the keys and mouse. I can’t wear most perfumes and am acutley aware of them on others. Recently I noticed I ‘feel’ it in the atmosphere without looking any visual cues if it is about to rain.
      I do find the colour thing the most difficult, especially with young children and the mirage of toys they like. I have realised I need to create more boundries in what I will allow in my environment to be able to function at my best.

  32. Kayla said,

    I don’t know if this is what it is but I hate when I’m sleeping and I feel my skin like my foot touching my leg or my fingers touching my arm I have to move them or pull my sleeve up so I can’t feel any of my skin do you know what this is???

  33. Amy said,

    I physically can’t handle the sound and feel of skin or anything gliding across a carpet. Carpet that makes no sound like a super plush one is fine, but anything else makes me physically ill. It’s like nails on a chalkboard, the second I hear it, feel it or think about it, I clench my jaw, my teeth get sensitive and I grind my teeth, I get goosebumps. It’s happened all my life.

  34. Brenda said,

    I am very sensitive to light,don’t like to be outside during the daytime,if I can’t avoid it then I have to wear sunglasses,i just feel that the light is too strong and harsh,I definitely prefer the night time.Also I have a very sensitive nose,I can not wear any perfume and my husband had to stop wearing cologne.i can not go into a nail salon because of the strong nail polish and nail polish remover smells( I don’t know how the people working there can do it) gasoline,paint,candles,I just can not smell anything like that,every product I buy has to be unscented or else I get an instant migraine headache,sometimes it’s so bad that I would vomit and feel dizzy,just because of a scent!!! I avoid perfume aisles and whenever I am near anything that might smell strong,I start breathing ONLY through my mouth.If I get hot I immediately feel lightheaded as if I’m going to faint.I have EXTREME motion sickness,even just watching something on tv,gives me motion sickness.I am very sensitive to pressure,like when you are traveling by airplane and they depressurize the cabin.my ears hurt terribly.I am very sensitive to sound and can get sensory overload if there are more than two sounds at the same time.I have memory problems and also feel affected by textures and colors.I need a lot of alone time in a quiet dark room.All of this has turned me into a hermit and has made me miss out on so much in life and with my children.Lately I have also been having panic attacks and anxiety.It is so good to know that I am not the only one with this symptoms,sometimes people that have never experience this think that it’s all in your head or that there is something mentally wrong with you,they don’t understand that this are physical symptoms and very real,we did not “choose” to be wired this way and I’m pretty sure would much rather not have any of this symptoms that interfere with our daily life.

    • James said,

      Wow completely same for me! Well said

      • Ellie Morrison said,

        I can’t stand chapstick, makeup, nail polish, perfume, candles, etc for the same reasons!

  35. Trace said,

    I am extremely sensitive to sound and smell my hearing is so sensitive I can hear changes in the air current to the point where I can tell when someone in the other end of the house leaves thier room at night I might not hear them walking but i can tell by the sound of the air makes and as for smell while hunting I will often smell the animal before I see it it’s not uncommon for me to smell a deer before it pops out of the brush 50 yards away.

    • Ellie Morrison said,

      I can hear the heater in my house right now. My door is closed and the heater is supposed to be completely silent, I also don’t have a heater in my room! As for hunting animals, that is almost a primitive trait (primitive means more animal like and less modern human).

  36. Trace said,

    I also used to have amazing vision about 20/13 for those of you that don’t know it means that i was able to see from 20 feet what the average person could see from 13 feet but in the last 3 months my vision has deteriorated so much that any thing past 10 feet is blurry and I’m only 15 years old so once it levels off I’ll probably get laysic or something

  37. Dianne said,

    Wow , this explains so much . I was having a bad experience today . I was having overload , I had been doing christmas shopping ,hate malls but there is as a heat wave and thought being in the mall was best . But after a while I could hear my heart beating in my ear , then I went into very load and brightly lit store to buy something, the sales person seems to be having bright light bursts come out of his words like flares then everything started flaring . Load and bright shops are the worst but this was bad , I thought I have got to go home but just didn’t feel right even fell at the train station. So I got online and found this page . I have a lot of this . Amazing sense of smell , used to have great vision but that has just start to be not as good at 50 . Super sense of touch , can’t wear anything itchy drives me nuts . Love cashmere and cotton. No tags , sentitive skin detergent only , no perfumes s in soap . If I wear perfumes only sprayed on my collar and only high quality, bad cheap perfume makes me gag . Sentitive to the slightest chemical in foods , doesn’t help that I’m also asthmatic, and suffer from both dermatitis and sinus problems. . But I also crave touch , a hug is like a good drug .i even get soap specially made . I also might have vocal cord disorder, getting tested in a couple of months . Where my vocal cords close over well I have an asthma attack and I black out .they are too sensitive. I,m also sensitive to food and meds but I also get great joy out of them . Love music but hate musac . Love food but I’m sensitive to a lot . Love light and colour but the artificial sort makes me feel sick . Love smells but the wrong sort can make me gag .
    Love touch but the wrong sort can make so itchy . I,m also left handed, dyslexic, double joint and artistic . And my body feels everything in my head . I also have great dreams

  38. BB said,

    My taste has gone haywire. First everything tasted salty….now I taste everything I touch. Please contact me if you know what might be causing this condition and what I can do to restore balance in my mouth. Thank you.

    • Ellie Morrison said,

      I cannot remember what it is called but there is a psychological condition where more than one sense is blended together. For example: you can see sounds.

  39. Rylie said,

    I have a gag reflex and dry heave when my nails or when I touch seat belt material or like silk material and my nails drag along it I’m gaging right now thinking about what it feels like

    • Ellie Morrison said,

      Yeah, I have the same problem here. I don’t gag though, I kind of cringe, shiver, like the same thing with nails and a chalk board…

  40. Janet said,

    I think I have a lesser version of this (thankfully! Especially after reading about some of your experiences)
    I have always been overly sensitive to bright lights, loud sounds, bitter tastes and delicate touch. I always carry sunglasses, even on the gloomy days. I feel like I am in physical pain when there are loud noises or a loud tv. I am incredibly picky with food and can’t tolerate any bitter tastes -I eat very plainly. I also feel like I respond more strongly to touch than others, even a hand on my forearm makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I’m so glad to finally realize that I’m not alone in this.

  41. michael said,

    I’m not sure if this HSP is really what I have because I don’t have just 1 sense or even 2 that is above “normal parameters”. I can hear things others can’t, and I can see with more clarity from farther away then anyone else I know. I can also taste food out of the air, and I know when it is going to rain, just by the feeling of the air. I am a Buddhist and as such I spend a great deal of time meditating on these sensations so as to control them, there is also something else, I’m not autistic at all but I can control my muscles in a different way. I can’t find the words to explain but when I redirect the energy flowing through my body and push it into the right muscles I’ve done things no human should be able to… sometimes at great consequence to my own body… I’d love an explanation or even someone who can relate…

  42. Denise said,

    I seem to relate strongly to a lot of these posts , especially temperature, noise, vibrations and textures. Textures seem to hinder me the most. I have a very bland diet because the texture of most foods is enough to put me off eating or even make me vomit. Things like onions or tomatoes are the worst

  43. Nehemiah said,

    I am hyper sensitive to presence. I know if there is someone behind me and I know how many people there are near me, specially when my eyes are closed. My sense of taste and smell is also quite more sensitive than others. I can smell gas leakage, electrical burns, the soil (yup), that others dont smell. I also taste weirdly. Like I can define the ingredients of a food just by tasting it.

  44. Sierra said,

    : : I am wondering if I am the only one with this but in addition to being hyper-sensitive to big crowds, bright lights, loud noises & visual choas, I am becoming obsessed with being in water. It is the only thing that soothes me from being over stimulated. It started with a warm bath every night before bed to help me sleep, but has turned into a lower tolerance for dry skin & hair in general. It is becoming a tactile thing. I have to feel wet hair & wet skin to calm me down. I can’t find any research or info on this but it is becoming progressive in frequency. Re-wetting skin & hair just to feel the sensation. Hmmm…. : :

    • Sierra said,

      : : Correction: I don’t know if tactile is the appropriate word … I mean hyper-sensitive to how something feels against or on your skin or whole body. : :

  45. Modified said,

    Ive always had a great sense of smell and taste but my hearing was best. I could hear when a tv was on (even when it was asleep but still on so no normal sounds and screen was black so most people thought it off) even from another room. Sounds like an air conditioner and other things can really bother me, though, when trying to sleep. I can hear changes in the sounds when its starting to get too cold, while other people seem to not notice at all. Even when nothing is on, i can hear the wind or other small things outside of my home, so its no wonder ive never really gotten good sleep in my life.
    Ive also had small issue with touch since i was young. Like carpet and more rough things that would bother me, but as im getting older (hitting 30 soon) Its getting worse. The paper i draw on, even the smooth computer printer paper, feels horribly rough to the touch and its awful. I can definitely feel when someones mood changes too. I can hear and feel when my partner wants to tell me something and they always seem so shocked when I ask before they say anything.
    You can just feel some sort of tension and i can hear slight changes in his breathing.
    I also often catch very small things out the corner of my eye, like tiny bugs or spiders. Only our cat seems to notice those things when I do. lol

    The taste and sight bit is pretty nifty but overall being hyper sensitive isnt very great for me. The touch thing is getting awful and the sound part has caused me to get little to no sleep a lot of my life.

  46. Noman Chaudhry said,

    I have a mild sensitivity to loud noises
    But highly sensitive to loud hitting noises
    Like a hammer hitting a nail
    Metal hitting against another object loudly
    I need to know what condition i have exactly?
    Thank you

    • Ing said,

      Perhaps this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperacusis

      But I am NOT an online medical doctor! This is just a website with information and inside perspectives. For exact diagnosis you need to see a hearing clinic and get your hearing tested.

  47. Ellie Morrison said,

    I have extreme sensitivity to light, sound, taste, hearing, emotions, touch, frequency of lights, vibrations, heat and cold, etc. Starting with light, when i was a baby (and i was a terrible baby) I wouldn’t stop crying without sunglasses and I still wear them, at night while driving, I can’t drive far at night without getting a severe headache from the oncoming car lights. I can hear things my sister who is 4 years younger than me can barely hear, and to be honest I cant stand complete quiet. I can’t fall asleep without white noise because if I don’t have it or there is no noise in the background, I literally hear ringing or buzzing (its very quiet but really annoying). My taste and sense of smell are not a gift but a complete curse. When my family eats any fishy food, I can’t even be in the house, if my dog has bad breath, I have to stay away. What happens is what i smell I can taste at the same time, like I said a curse. My emotions are not a steady wave like pattern but a complete zig zag line, and I would prefer not to get into this. When I was little and until I was maybe in 8th grade everyone tickled me, but instead of tickling me now they decide not to because if they try I will defend myself because I was so sensitive when i was little everyone did it to me, so now I am trained to use violence if necessary. If something gently touches me I feel it. Also, it is almost as if when I close my eyes and walk around I can sense where things are and if I passed them, not sure what you would call that or if it has to do with touch… When I was in my dorm room in college, I would often complain to my roommate that our lights were flickering. She kept saying i was imagining it, but low and behold she noticed it one day, but it didn’t bother her as it bothered me (when she was not in our room, i put on my desk light and turned off the overhead lights). My dad lets me ride on the back of his motorcycle which has a back rest. Boy does it itch for me, because of the vibrations, but no one else seems to mind… the last thing I will touch base on is rapid change in temperatures. I will literally pass out or at least become nauseous if a.) the temp changes to fast for me, or is unnatural (heater etc,) or b.) if the sun is in direct contact with my whole body and it is extremely hot. for whatever reason, cold weather doesn’t bother me as much, I mean I shiver like i am about to freeze but i would rather be freezing than throwing up. The last thing I will mention is my arch enemy the sun! I was at the beach with 100SPF water proof sunscreen and after 15 minutes in the water I had to come back in because I could feel myself burning. When I came home, I was already peeling. If you wish you had super heightened senses, I really wish I could be you! Having supersensitivity is not as cool as it seems, if you don’t have them, lucky you!

  48. Austin said,

    My skin is very sensitive, so when I take a hot bath and I get out, I itch for at least 15 minutes to an hour. Same thing happens when I take a towel of cold water and a bar of soap and bathe. People think I’m just lazy, because I don’t take baths very often, but the reason I don’t is because it is very intense and painful afterwards to do so.

  49. kooprada said,

    I can not stand the sound or feel of aluminium or Styrophone…it drives me nuts were I grind my teeth….its like sometimes I can’t even eat with aluminum fork spoon…I can’t even touch or listen to styrophone it Is all like a chalk board Drives Me Nuts….Somebody Help!!! Yaaack!!!!

  50. Lavinia Healy said,

    I have found that most extremely sensitive people are like that because they have an unknown injury possibly from a childhood accident or even from the birth process ie a forceps delivery or similar or a past whiplash or a mild or sevee TMJ dysfunction. These things cause the sensory overload to the central nervous system that you are speaking of because your bodies are way above the normal threshold for stressors that affect you like perfumes and noise and physical movement etc. Once the body is back in normal balance with better blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid fluctuations etc between the brain and the rest of the body with more normal (less impeded) biomechanical function these sensitivitis should reduce. Try to find a very highly recommended Osteopathic Dr who is very experienced at alleviating cranial pressure gently you should gradually get improvementioned over a number of sessions. Don’t go to some chiropractor who has done a couple of weekend courses on cranial sacral therapy. Sometime though just having a couple of good neck adjustments will take a lot of presume off the nervous system.

    For sensitivity to smells try adding zinc picolinate 30mg to your daily diet – often your body is not capable of detoxifying the substances you are daily being exposed to because of the impediment to your nervous system. Also drink lots of good purified water to keep your body functioning more optimally.

  51. Garrett angelakis said,

    I first started researching this issue after a tremor that took place in Virginia while I was in South Carolina.
    This was a minor tremor that most people didn’t feel in Virginia let alone in sc.
    While sitting in a sushi restaurant with a friend
    U couldn’t help but notice this huggge chandelier. Thousands of pounds easy.

    Everything is fine then all of a sudden it was as if someone grabbed my head and shook it more violently then anything I’ve ever experienced. It also felt like the table had been picked up and dropped and was bouncing and rocking from the fall.
    I literally almost fell out of my seat.
    When it stopped. I was so confused. No one else seemed to have felt anything. And I accused the friend of shaking the table. Knowing it wasn’t true but I needed to find a reason. I would have blamed it on a seizure of some sort if I wouldn’t have looked up and noticed the chandelier gently swaying. Which I pointed out and it was. No imangination at play. Went home searched earthquakes and saw that at that exact time the tremor shook va.

    I’m super sensitive to light. I’m basically nocturnal now. I have always worked late shifts. Always had trouble waking up before 12pm. But now I go to sleep as soon as the sun starts to show. I almost retreat like a vampire.
    Often times I wear sunglasses indoors because I just can’t handle it.
    I 100% notice change in pressure. I’ve always known that. I usually will get a migraine as a result.
    Im sensitive to cold. Doeant matter how much clothing I wear I shiver. But can’t sleep in a room 1 degree over 69 degrees. Put it on 70 and when I wake up my day is ruined from the physical toll it takes on me.

    Another good example. A buddy was riding shotgun on a little roadtrip. Started tapping his foot. I could have thrown up from the motion sickness. I could feel the whole car shaking.
    I can drive and sometimes ride passenger.
    I have never been able to ride in the back.
    Or a boat no matter the size.
    I actually carry Dramamine around and take it quite regulary.
    Noticed from reading on here touch can be a part of it.
    All my silverware has to have plastic grips. I cannot touch the metal without gagging.
    Stickler with my drinks too.
    I have to carry around my own cup because most things all have terrible tastes in most cups I try.

  52. Cath O'Brien said,

    I am extremely sensitive to noise and light. Background music on ALL TV programs fills me with rage and I often have to just not watch that program or watch it on mute with words on the bottom of the screen. High-powered sales voices on commercials on TV do the same thing to me. Flicker on a TV screen or “flipping” scenes or too-quick scenes on a TV screen will fill me with an almost murderous rage. I always wear sunglasses in the daytime even if it’s raining. I HATE bright lights and have dimmers on all my lighting in the house. I can’t go into some stores because of the extremely irritating music they play. My favorite and I think most beautiful time or “lighting” of the day is dusk. I am mesmerized by bling, glitz, diamonds, silver that have lights shining on them – I can stand there in a jewelry store and thoroughly enjoy just looking at things like that. I love glass furniture and mirrored things. I love shine and bling. I am supersensitive to HOW my body is touched. I always have to tell my esthetician to be VERY gentle with my feet and don’t touch my ankles or legs. I’m also supersensitive to being touched on other parts of my body which didn’t go over too well with my ex-husband and a couple of boyfriends. I can’t take yammering people who are spewing meaningless chitchat for more than 15 minutes. I MUST leave. I need very large chunks of time to myself at home and I NEVER play music. If there’s a wrinkle in my T-shirt as I’m going to sleep, I MUST straighten it out. I’m extremely empathic and cry my heart out over strangers’ sad stories. My entire insides are destroyed by stories of animal abuse. I have experienced clairvoyance, one vision, numerous premonitions, one extremely accurate remote viewing experience, dreams, etc. I have played the piano, made my own clothes, have done drawing, knitting, and I remember the exact floor plan of every house I’ve lived in since very early childhood and I’m now 74. I remember the birthdays of some kids who I was in grade one with. I’m an extremely deep critical thinker and questioner of everything and I see life as a true horror story – not into denial, drugs, religion, etc. I think about serious subjects ALL the time. This is just the way I’m wired.

  53. loritatheartist said,

    Dear Cath O’Brien and others who have shared: Thank you so much for your insights, frustrations, experiences! This morning I was feeling so awful and wondering what was wrong with me. Although I don’t know if I can make some needed changes in my life at least I know I’m not the only one. I feel like I need to be in control of how much stimuli there is in my life or else go crazy, I only hope my husband can really understand.

  54. Claire Adamson said,

    Hi I am not sure if I have hypersensitivity but I have issues with my senses. I can’t cope with loud noises balloon,thunder, fireworks, sirens,lots of people talk at the same time dogs bark. But also I don’t like my hands dirty I was physical reaching when I had to put my hands in paint whilst at work. Get a tingling feeling if I rub wool blankets or my partners hairy chest. Can’t cope with clutter or crowds of people either. Hope someone can help I don’t know what to do it’s stopping my life. X

    • Lauria said,

      I can’t eat certain things since childhood because of the taste, texture, and/or smell. I can tell what is in a bottle of wine by a single taste. Beer only takes me smelling it to know the main ingredients. Loud movies or even TV shows that others have no problem with hurt me. Static on a radio bothers me so. I smell what’s cooking and what ingredients are in the meals. Perfumes, cigars, and even bad breath make me vomit. I can’t sleep if there is a single wrinkle in a sheet. Tags in clothing must be 100% out. I have long blonde hair and if one of those hairs is loose, touching me, I have to stop and to find the hard to find blonde hair before I can continue. Flashing lights and noise like in a casino hurt me. I don’t mind hugging people I love and I certainly can’t see in the dark or whistle to find items in a dark room. I wear ear muffs for shooting, mowing, and vacuuming. I’m able to drive and do lots of normal things. I can’t do superman stuff, of course. Oh, the wind (cold or warm) and crying (toddlers to school aged) makes my ears ache so badly that I just wear my hair down with a toboggan almost all the time. I did have these issues before I was in an accident during which I hit my head causing seizures. The original issues are the same. When I brush my teeth I use sensodyne to keep my teeth from hurting. This impacts my life, not terribly, but I would like to go to a club or Vegas

  55. Alexander Day said,

    I have intermittent hypersensitivity at night to sounds and feelings. My own heartbeat, my wife’s breathing, or my dog’s panting will send me to the recliner in the office. An area in my sinuses and the back of my throat are also very sensitive at night, and laying down causes those areas to overwhelm my thoughts and give me anxiety. I am learning to meditate, and it is helping.

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