Sensibility changes

Sensitivity may vary with age and gender, among other things:

– Children are usually the most sensitive – though this too varies between individuals. During puberty, it seems that everyone’s sensitivity is at its lowest and even sensitive individuals prone to seek extra stimuli. Probably due to hormones and changes in the maturing body and brain.

– Women in general (but with individual exceptions, of course) are often more sensitive than men. However, many autistic, artistic and HBT males can be more sensitive than the average woman.

– Innately sensitive individuals often get even more sensitive with age (personal observation) while low- or moderately sensitive people often get less sensitive with age.

Things which may increase sensitivity

Things which tend to decrease sensitivity

Fluctuating sensitivity

Sensitivity may also fluctuate for other reasons, which may or may not be unique to that individual. This means that just because a sensitive person is able to do or endure something one day or one moment, doesn’t necessarily mean they are able to do the same thing the next.

“I think things can change quite dramatically and quite fast for some Aspies (like me). I can go for coffee with my wife and be fine but by the time I get to the cafe (only five minutes away) can’t tolerate the sounds or lights and stuff like that. Then I am not good company even though I try so hard sometimes. These are the aspects about being autistic that are not so nice.”

Rory, Aspie from South Africa/UK

I have learned to not book social or otherwise tiring events two days in a row since I know I’ll usually be too exhausted and hypersensitive after the first event and will most likely need to regenerate for a few days afterwards.

Ing, site-author

I get more sensitive to sensory impressions when I’m tired. It has happened that I’ve become almost violent when people turn the pages in a newspaper, because the sound hurtd. Both vision and hearing becomes more sensitive.

– ‘Ganesh’, Aspie from Sweden


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